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Hello, I am Jackson Hsu

Decades of brand design, media reports, Google map local guide 9 stars Works: Ten Inspiring Courageous, FB Fan Group: I am Design Jackson logo, CIS corporate identity system design, webpage international visual designer

數十年品牌設計師、媒體報導、Google map在地嚮導8顆星、著作: 鼓舞人心的十個勇氣、FB粉絲團:我是設計傑克森,專長: logo、CIS企業識別系統設計、網頁國際視覺設計師

Visit Senator PAUL SCARR

Present a sketch bookmark of monuments designed by myself

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Visit to Graham Perrett MP

Promote Australian Arts and Culture Bookmarks

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Exhibition at Starbucks in Australia

Thank you Starbucks Australia for giving me the opportunity to display hand-painted cups in the store - Melbourne Street store.

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Australian Chinese Radio Interview

Thanks for the radio interview, let more people understand the value of the brand and how to use it.

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Books I Published in Taiwan

Describe how to build digital assets through personal branding. And help more people achieve profit.

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Interview with Taiwan Cheers Magazine

Share work experience from years of design experience. Let designers who have just entered the society have a good experience to share.

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​Praise from all walks of life

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Taking the Chinese character "water" as the starting point, water is soluble in various forms, with elasticity and power, and is also an indispensable basic nutrient for all things. Creative thinking must be as flexible as water, which can be changed in the universe. Water can help life grow, and it can be the main or auxiliary. Just like doing logo design, use 1ogo to enhance your corporate image. At the same time, it also combines the English name Jackson and the English translation of "国".


JK from Kuo (representing country and territory). Close and stylish, flying and soft, as soft as steel wire is beneficial. It also has a fashionable style, simple and powerful, durable, and other elements. There is also a retrospective arrow in K, which means not forgetting the past experience and facing the future.




It took me eight years to receive professional skills training from high school. Continue to work in social work for ten years. Accumulate various skills bit by bit. From not knowing anything to being familiar with it, up to now, it can be operated with ease.



Use design to improve people's quality of life. Use professional skills to help individuals design their personal brand image. Commemorate the beautiful things in the world with art. Use photography to record the good life. Through the exhibition, let more people know the story, culture, life, and natural scenery of Australia.



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